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Definitive Technology Dymension Series Speakers

Sound must be flawless and pure ‐ totally uncompromising. These are the tenets by which the engineers at Definitive Technology are driven, and what compels them to achieve superior audio for an unparalleled listening experience. It is the focus in everything they create to give sound nothing less than everything it deserves.

Definitive Technology Dymension Series Tower Speakers and Center Channel Speaker

Dymension Series Speakers

Dymension Speakers embody the hallmark innovations that define the Definitive Technology sound--sound that's detailed, expansive and gives you goosebumps. Select models feature flagship technologies like bipolar arrays, 3XR architecture, and BDSS woofers, bringing movies and music to life with room-filling sound offering shimmering highs; balanced mids; and deep, defined bass. Learn More about the Dymension Series here! →

Definitive Technology Studio Monitor Series Bookshelf Speakers

Demand Bookshelf Speakers

Featuring unique technologies such as our Balanced Double Surround System™, linear response waveguide, and laterally offset tweeter assembly, the Demand Bookshelf Speakers deliver remarkably smooth, detailed top-shelf audio for true audiophiles.

Definitive Technology Descend Series Subwoofers

Descend Series Subwoofers

Whether movies, music or games are your thing, things are about to get real. Engineered for those who demand thunderous, impactful, bottomless bass while retaining full system clarity, Descend Series subwoofers are the ultimate overachievers. Descend's unique 3XR Architecture provides triple the bass-producing radiating surface area of a traditional ported subwoofer. This extra surface area moves more air, resulting in massive low end. And because 3XR doesn't use ports, it also provides crystal-clear sound with no port noise distortion. Learn more about the Descend Series here! →

Definitive Technology Outdoor Speakers

All Weather Speakers

Enjoy wonderful sound anywhere around your home with all-weather speakers from Definitive Technology. With fully sealed designs, aluminum grilles and rugged PolyStone enclosures, these groundbreaking loudspeakers can withstand anything nature has to offer for season after season of listening satisfaction.