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Def Tech Descend Series Subwoofers

Definitive Technology Descend Series Subwoofers

The Descend Series from Definitive Technology brings you clean, super-powered bass to your home theater or stereo system. Available in 8", 10", 12", and 15" sizes, there is a Descend Sub for every space. Fine tuning features (available in the 12 and 15 inch sizes) like a remote control that can adjust volume, crossover, EQ profile, and intelligent phase control give the Descend series the edge over other brands.

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3XR architecture

Descend's unique 3XR Architecture provides triple the bass-producing radiating surface area of a traditional ported subwoofer. This extra surface area moves more air, resulting in massive low end. And because 3XR doesn't use ports, it also provides crystal-clear sound with no port noise distortion. Descend Series subwoofers have three times the bass-radiating surface area as similar-sized ported subwoofers. This enables Descend subwoofers to produce more bass from the same sized enclosure.

Definitive Technology Descend Subwoofer Remote Control

Remote Control for Fine Tuning

Available on the 12 and 15 inch versions, you can control the subwoofer for on the fly fine tuning raising volume, tuning the EQ with a few Modes including Deep, which is great for music, Loud which is great for movies, and flat for a even and controlled bass response for all around use. Intelligent Phase Control™ provides a full 360 degrees (-135° to 180°) of customizable phase adjustment, always centered around the settings of the low-pass filter. This provides the ability to tune the subwoofer for minimal group delay between speakers and a flawless blending experience between your speakers and the subwoofer.

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