85 inch TV Set up. Wall mount with stone backdrop. Wall mounted TV with stone back drop, speaker installation Outdoor TV on side of house with speaker bar. Short throw projector home theater with hidden screen. Short throw projector with hidden screen extended. Projector home theater screen with Klipsch speakers. Rear of projector room with AV rack and subwoofer Projector room with two rows of home theater seating with one row on a riser. Definitive Technology speaker set up with wall mounted TV. Rear mounted surround speakers from Definitive Technology. Corner mounted TV above fireplace. Before picture of old plasma installation. 1/2 Newer larger flat panel replacement, wall mounting above fireplace. 2/2 TV and sound bar mounted inside wall cabinet. Wall mounted TV inside wall cabinet. Wall mounted TV with sonos arc mounted under TV above fireplace. Sony Master Series mounted with Sonos Playbar. Home theater room build before picture with custom columns with speakers inside 1/5 Home theater built with custom made columns, entryway. 2/5 Custom home theater build, after photo, back of room with Projector. 3/5 Front of Home theater room with custom columns with built in speakers and projector screen. 4/5 Custom home theater build with exit to game room 5/5 Custom mounted TV with sound bar inside cabinet with pull out mount. 1/2 Custom mounted TV inside cabinet with pull out mount side view. 2/2 Mantel Mount above fireplace before TV mounting in down position. 1/5 Mantel Mount above Fireplace in up position. 2/5 TV being mounted on Mantel Mount. 3/5 TV mounted on Mantel Mount above fireplace in down position. 4/5 TV mounted above fireplace with sound bar on Mantel Mount in up position. 5/5 Outdoor TV mounting with sound bar under deck on a patio. Outdoor TV mounted with sound bar in gazebo/bar. Outdoor TV mounting on deck with speaker system. TV mounting above fireplace. TV mounting with home theater system and TV backlighting with phillips hue lights. AV system hidden in cabinet. TV mounting above electric fireplace. Customer liked it so much they upgraded to a 77 inch! Mantel Mount Lowered. Home theater projector set up in dedicated theater room with theater seating. 1/2 Full view of theater room with risers and theater chairs and projector. 2/2 Dual TV mounting with home theater system. Large TV mounting with Bose speakers. TV mounting on wood paneling with sound bar. Outdoor TV mounting with sound bar in outdoor patio with vaulted cieling. AV rack before wire management. 1/2 AV rack after wire management and amplifier install. 2/2 Home theater with in wall and in ceiling speakers. 1/6 Speakers in walls and in ceiling speakers ready to go in. 2/6 In ceiling speakers installed along with projector getting screen and subwoofers ready. 3/6 Projector screen leveling and subwoofers set up. 4/6 Theater ready for seating to be set up. 5/6 Seating set up. 6/6 Wall mounted TV above fireplace. Wall mounted TV above fireplace. Home Theater AV equipment rack. 1/2 Beautiful custom home theater room with wall mounted TV, ceiling lights, and in wall speakers. 2/2 Close up of home theater. 1/2 Full image of home theater room. 2/2 Triple TV mounting. Sonos whole home audio Amplifier rack. Sonos whole home audio rack. TV wall mounted inside custom cabinet above electric fireplace. 100 inch television mounting inside a restaraunt/bar. TV wall mounting with in wall speakers. Full home theater with definitive technology speakers with recessed television and front speakers. TV wall mounting inside custom wall cabinet with bar.