True outdoor television.

Sunbrite Outdoor TVs

SunBriteTV designs and engineers the only time-tested TVs in the world that are specifically built from the ground up for the outdoor environment. These true all-weather, outdoor LED-LCD TVs deliver superior brightness, while resisting the harsh effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays.

SunBriteTV has three distinct series, each designed to bring crystal-clear picture to a specific outdoor environment. Don't risk safety and your warranty by using an indoor TV outside. Choose an outdoor-safe, permanent installation SunBriteTV, crafted to handle the worst of Mother Nature.

SunbriteTV Veranda Series Outdoor TVs

Veranda Series

Stop using an indoor TV for your screened-in porch or patio. Now there's a true, outdoor-rated, 4K TV that is brighter, safer and reliable. Introducing the Veranda Series ‐ the world's first weatherproof TV built for full shade outdoor living areas. Veranda is THE breakthrough in affordable outdoor TV featuring a premium 4K UHD screen with direct LED backlight and other exclusive SunBriteTV all-weather options.

  • 43" SB-V2-43-4KHDR-BL 2160p - SALE! $1,05895
    Reg. $1,65895
  • 55" SB-V2-55-4KHDR-BL 2160p - $1,76895
  • 55" SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL 2160p - SALE! $1,99895
    Reg. $2,89895
  • 65" SB-V3-65-4KHDR-BL 2160p - $3,64895
  • 75" SB-V3-75-4KHDR-BL 2160p - $4,99895
43" + 55" Specs55"-75" Specs

SunbriteTV Signature Series Outdoor TV

Signature Series

The benchmark for partial sun TVs has been completely upgraded for even greater performance. While current Signature televisions encompass full 1080p, the all-new Signature Series features 4K (2160p), built-in HDBaseT, and OptiView Technology for optimized day & night viewing.

  • 43" SB-S2-43-4K 2160p - $3,02895
  • 55" SB-S2-55-4K 2160p - $4,86895
  • 65" SB-S2-65-4K 2160p - $8,65895
  • 75" SB-S2-75-4K 2160p - $10,81895
Signature Series Specs

SunbriteTV Pro Series Outdoor TV's

Pro Series

Designed to withstand the harshest environments, the Pro Series is completely weatherproof and features a tempered glass shield to protect the screen in active environments. A built-in heating and cooling system allows the display to operate in temperatures from -40 F up to 122 degrees F. Made for permanent outdoor installation.

  • 32" SB-P2-32-1K 1080P - $4,05895
  • 43" SB-P2-43-1K 1080p - $4,81895
  • 49" SB-P2-49-4K 2160p - $5,41895
  • 55" SB-P2-55-4K 2160p - $6,72895
  • 65" SB-P2-65-4K 2160p - $9,40895
32" + 43" Specs49"-65" Specs