HiFi Vacuum Tube Powered Stereo Amplifiers

Visit Mentor TV to experience music like you never have before. While we normally offer more modern audio solutions for in your home, some people prefer the timeless classic sound signature of analog signals. Vacuum Tube powered amplifiers have a warmth and musicality that modern solid state amplifiers just cant recreate. Vinyl, CDs and other physical formats sound best with the right set up and here at Mentor TV you can audition the type of system that matches your needs and individual tastes.
Note: Speakers and Amplifiers on this page may only be for demonstration purposes.

  • Unico Nuovo and Aurum Cantus Gracia Loudspeakers
  • close up of Unico Nuovo 1
  • Back Panel Close up
  • close up interior tubes
  •  ultra close up interior tubes
  • close up of left side interior

Unico Nuovo & Custom Designed Aurum Cantus Gracia loudspeakers by Kellsie Audio and Video Designs

This 85 Watt Italian Stereo Valve MOSFET amplifier Pairs Nicely with these Custom Made Gracias creating powerful, warm, and crystal clear sound. The amplifier has dual subwoofer outputs for Left and Right audio giving balanced bass within the soundstage to really fill the room with sound creating an excellent stereo soundscape.

  • Onix Melody SP3 Mk II
  • Onix Melody SP3 Mk II
  • Onix Melody SP3 Mk II

Onix/Melody SP3 MkII & Mirage OM-9 Omnipolar loudspeakers

This Amp may only be 38 Watts but with high efficiency speakers like the Mirage OM-9 thats plenty of power to make them sing. Mirage Omnipolar design sends sound out the front, and back allowing the amplifier to fill the room with sound creating an impressive soundstage, almost like you're really at a concert!

  • Dared VP845 and Musician knight 1 bookshelf speakers
  • ultra Close up of Dared 845 Tubes glowin in the dark
  • close up in the dark
  • close up with lights on

Dared VP-845 Stereo Tube Amp and Musician Knight 1 Bookshelf speakers.

sporting only 15 watts per channel, with its massive 845 tubes this amp needs efficient speakers to make it sing. With the Musician Knight 1 bookshelf speakers this amp can put out quite a lot of sound!

  • Yaqin tube amp and Opera Duetto speakers
  • Yaqin tube amp close up of ride side
  • Yaqin tube amp close up of rear panel
  • Opera Duetto Bookshelf Speaker

Yaqin MC-10L Stereo Tube Amp and Opera Duetto bookshelf speakers

a little bit higher power than some of the others at 52 watts gives these Italian made Opera Duetto bookshelf speakers the power they need to pump out tunes to the best of their ability.