Definitive Technology Dymension Series Speakers


Meet Dymension, the next generation of home speakers built with Definitive Technology DNA. Incorperating bipolar arrays, proprietary patented drivers, integreated powered subwoofers with all-new high-preformance amplifier designs, and 3XR Architecture with dual bass radiators, the Dymension Series is more than a new family of speakers, it is home audio done in the Definitive Technology high-preformance way. in virtually every way, the new Dymension Series provides Definitive Technology's unmatched signature sound, renowned the world over for its big, immersive soundfield, ultra-wide dynamic range, crystal clear highs, and thunderous bass that will take your customers listening experiences to the next level.

Dymension Series Tower Speakers

4 different choices for your home theater, with the flagship DM80 you get everything, large tower, Large room filling sound, build in Atmos Elevation speakers, and a massive 12" powered subwoofer. With the large sized DM70, Atmos Elevation is optional, and you still get a fair sized built in subwoofer at 10". The mid-size DM60 will still knock your socks off with an 8" subwoofer, and all of these towers are built with 3XR architecture for the subwoofers(same as the descend series subwoofers), giving you 1 active woofer and two passive drivers giving them the preformance of a much larger subwoofer. For smaller rooms, a great option is the slim sized DM 40, sans sub.

Dymension Tower Speakers

Dymension Center Channel Speakers

Dymension Series Center Channel Speakers

3 choices in this amazing Center Channel speaker line up starting at the Flagship DM30 with an integrated 8" POWERED subwoofer! thats right, with this center channel you can have 5 Subwoofers for a 5.5 or 5.5.4 sound system without external subwoofers! (or more with a 7ch, 9ch, 11ch, or 13ch sound system!!). Taking a step down to the DM20 gets you a slimline center channel speaker for fitting into tight spaces where height is a restriction. The last option being he DM 10 a compact but powerful center channel speaker with an integrated 9" Bass radiator, not a powered sub like the DM30 but a passive one giving the low end of your center channel some extra punch!

Dymension Series Atmos Module Speakers

The Dymension DM90 integrated height module attaches to Dymension DM80 and DM70 bipolar tower speakers to procide upward firing drivers that make the towers Dolby Atmos enabled. With DM90s attached to DM80 or DM70 speakers you can create the DOlby Atmos-enabled and DTS:X speaker system of your dreams.

Dymension Atmos Module Speakers

Dymension Surround Speakers

Dymension Series Surround Speaker

The Dymension DM95 surround speaker is the answer for dynamic, immersive room-filling sound for your home theater. Thoughtfully engineered to envelop you in thrilling, detailed, high-definition audio, the wall mountable DM95 can be used as side or rear surround channels for tailoring your system to your room.