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Sony A8H OLED in Situation

Sony A8H UHD HDR OLED TV with Acoustic Glass Audio

Experience an ultra realistic image with the power of OLED technology. The powerful Picture Processor X1 Ultimate utilizes over 8 million individual pixels to create an image with exquisite contrast and vibrant color. Pixel Contrast Booster supercharges each pixel to deliver incredible picture quality.

Sony XBR950G LED 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony OLED 4K Ultra HD TV's

  • 55-inch #XBR55A8H
  • 65-inch #XBR65A8H

Sony 4K HDR Processor X1 Ultimate

Everything should look like 4K HDR.

With unmatched processing power, the Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate detects hundreds of different objects on-screen and intelligently enhances brightness, detail and color so everything you watch is clear, bright and incredibly realistic.

High Dynamic Range

Uncover the detail with 4K HDR.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the way TV was always meant to be watched. Ultra-high resolution and HDR video content combine to bring dazzling detail, color, and contrast to everything you watch, while keeping a far wider range of brightness. Dolby Vision brings scenes to life with striking highlights, deeper darks and vibrant colors. The IMAX Enhanced programbrings the immersive entertainment experience into the home. IMAX Enhanced contentis digitally remastered to provide sharper images and more powerful sound--just as the creator intended. Netflix Calibrated Mode was specially developed to enjoy Netflix content and reproduce picture quality as brilliant as the studio evaluation monitor, faithfully reproducing the creator's intent and vision. Whichever format, Sony TV's deliver picture-perfect reality, creating an immersive and engaging experience.

X-Motion Clarity

Action looks better than ever with X-Motion Clarity™

Scenes appear as they do in real life with X-Motion Clarity™ technology. This revolutionary, best in class technology from Sony refines action on the screen in real time with an incredible refresh rate for action that is brighter and clear than ever before.

Acoustic Surface Audio

A revolution in TV sound.

Sound on conventional TV's with a speaker located below the screen is often out of sync with the picture. With Acoustic Surface Audio, sound comes to you from the entire screen, creating an immersive multidimentional audio experience. It's picture and sound in perfect harmony. With a subwoofer integrated in the rear of the TV, you'll hear more dynamic, bass-heavy sound -- ideal for action movies and music.

Sony TRILUMINOUS Technology

Vibrant colors, smooth gradations.

by widening the color spectrum, TRILUMINOUS Display, powered by the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate, reproduces more colors than a conventional television. It analyzes and processes data in every image to make colors even more natural and precise, so pictures are closer than ever to real life. See exactly what the creator intended with the advanced color, light, and gradation of the TRILUMINOUS Display.

Pixel Contrast Booster

Boosting OLED color and contrast for extra depth and realism

Over 8 million self illuminating pixels are precisely and individually controlled by the picture processor X1 Ultimate and supercharged via the Pixel Contrast Booster to enhance color and contrast in bright areas so you can enjoy scenes full of lifelike shades and hues, more depth, fine texture, and the pure black contrast that only OLED can deliver.

Stunning Design

360 degrees of sophistication.

With Sony's super-slim one slate design, the screen meets the edge of the TV, blending harmoniously in any room environment. The flush surface with narrow aluminium bezel keeps you focused on the picture, not the television. Cable holders keep wires neatly hidden, so your television stays free of clutter and looks good from any angle. Sony's low profile design provides a distraction-free experience, or the tv stand can be adjusted to raise the TV providing space for a sound bar.