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Samsung LCD • LED • QLED • 4K Ultra HD Smart TV's

There isn't just one TV technology that is right for everyone. Some people might want cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD technology. Some may like the elegant, thin profile of LED TVs, while others will like the versatility of Smart TVs. That's why Mentor TV proudly features Samsung TV's. With Samsung, there is a flat-panel TV for virtually every taste, preference and budget.

Samsung Curved 4K UHD SMART TV's

Samsung Curved 4K UHD.
The Ultimate Immersive Viewing Experience.

Samsung's curved screen is supported with proprietary technology that creates an accurate picture with exceptional color, without any picture distortion. It has a dramatically improved field of view that creates a panoramic effect and helps the picture feel bigger. Become immersed in entertainment with a cutting-edge screen that surrounds you with 8.3 million pixels, creating a panoramic effect that's simply breathtaking.

Samsung Flat 4K Ultra HD SMART TV's

Samsung 4K UHD TV.
Experience Real World Resolution.

Experience real world resolution with Ultra High Definition Smart TV's. Exclusive Samsung technologies deliver incredibly lifelike UHD 4K picture quality. Watch any movie, sport, disc or streaming app at 4 times the resolution of traditional 1080p HD with UHD Upscaling.

Samsung LCD LED HDTV's

Samsung LED.
Visually Stunning.

Samsung has become a world leader in HDTVs based on the amazing performance and popularity of their LED-LCD technology. Samsung LED TVs deliver a visually stunning picture that will leave you speechless. Select models feature Smart TV Technology - allowing you to quickly and simply browse a new world of TV entertainment.

Samsung Smart TV's

Samsung SMART TV.
Web-connected apps on your TV.

Discover a new world of web-connected TV entertainment with Samsung Smart TV's at Mentor TV. Samsung Smart TVs allow you to easily search for movies, TV shows, browse the web, explore Samsung apps, chat with friends and find many other types of new interactive TV content.

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