Sony X93L Mini LED TV

Intense Brightness, Outstanding Contrast.

Rediscover your favorite content with impressive Mini LED contrast and brightness, powered by the intelligent Cognitive processor XR™. Thousands of Mini LEDs, precisely controlled by XR Backlight Master Drive, deliver a picture full of vibrant colors and detailed shadows, perfect for any room. Experience immersive, expansive sound with integrated sound positioning speakers matching what you hear with what you see on screen.

Sony X93L Mini LED TV with Google TV
Available Sizes
  • 65" XR65X93L
  • 75" XR75X93L
  • 85" XR85X93L


Intelligent and powerful TV processing

See how real your entertainment can be, with immersive depth and lifelike picture quality, powered by Sony's Intelligent Cognitive Processor XR™. Hundreds of thousands of individual on-screen elements are processed and remastered in the blink of an eye, boosting color, contrast, and clarity, bringing astounding realism to your content.

Sony XR Cognitive Processor
 Sony Backlight Master Drive

Incredible contrast with intense brightness

Experience unprecedented dynamic range with deep blacks and brightness you can feel. XR Backlight Master Drive™ utilizes an advanced local dimming algorith to control thousands of Mini LEDs with absolute precision. Further enhanced by XR Contrast Booster, the backlight is focused for maximum brightness creating scenes rich in dazzling highlights with deep, detailed blacks and natural colors.

Billions of real world colors.

Access billions of accurate colors and reproduce each shade with the subtle differences seen in the real world. XR Triluminios Pro™ enhances the range of hues and saturation, revealing extremely precise details within textures, and skin tones that look completly natural.

Sony Triluminios Pro.
Google TV

The entertainment you love, With Help from Google

with 700,000+ movies and TV episodes, live TV, and more available across 10,000+ apps, Foofle TV takes streaming and live TV to the next level -- bringing together your favorite entertainment from across your apps and organizing it all, just for you. Searching is Easy -- just ask Google. Try saying, "Hey Google, find action movies" to search across your favorite apps.

Movies on us with Bravia CORE™

With the BRAVIA CORE™ app, enjoy the latest Sony Pictures Entertainment titles and the largest IMAX® Enhanced collection. Simply redeem the included credits to choose from hundreds of the latest releases. You're also subscribed to an amazing selection of movies to stream anytime. With Pure Stream™, get near lossless 4K UHD Blue-ray quality for stunning visuals and expressive sound.

Bravia Core Streaming Service with Pure Stream.
Sony Game Menu

All your game settings in one place

With Game Menu, quickly manage your gaming picture settings and exclusive assist features in a single convienient interface. Get access to features like Black Equilizer to reveal details in even the darkest shadows, apply a Crosshair overlay so you can always have your enemy in your sights, and use the Screen Size feature to shrink your screen all the way down to a 27" monitor size for precision gaming on your big screen.

Level Up Your Gaming with HDMI 2.1 features

Sony TVs deliver a thrilling gaming experience with support for 4K/120hz, VRR, and ALLM as specified in HDMI 2.1. With 4K/120hz you get up to 120fps in 4K resolution on compatible games, and input lag as low as 8.5ms, giving you the advantage in high-intensity gaming. Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) allows the TV to dynamically match frame rate of the gaming device, enabling smoother gameplay without stuttering delays or screen tearing. Lastly, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) supports more responsive gameplay by enabling the TV to automatically switch to low latency mode whenever a gaming device is connected.

HDMI 2.1 features ALLM VRR and 4K/120hz
Sony TVs Perfect for PS5

Perfect for Playstation® 5

Get detailed, responsive game play and feel the action all around you with Sony TV exclusive feature for the Playstaion® 5 console. Auto HDR Tone Mapping automatically adjusts the HDR settings of the PS5® console to the TV for detailed, high-contrast scenes, and Auto Genre Picture Mode automatically adjusts the picture quality during gaming or streaming.

Cinematic content as the creator intended

Get extraordinary picture quality and enjoy your favorite content the way it was designed to be seen. Dolby Vision® makes scenes come to life with striking highlights, deeper blacks, and vibrant colors. IMAX® Enhanced delivers digitally remastered movies with full-screen picture and more powerful sound. Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode uses the TV's ambient light sensor to optimize picture brightness based on your room's lighting conditions, so you can enjoy Netflix original content with studio picture quality. And BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode automatically adjusts to the optimal picture settings, creating an exceptional at-home movie viewing experience.

IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision, BRAVIA CORE Calibrated mode, and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Picture Mode
Acoustic Multi Audio+

Sound and picture in perfect harmony

Hear exceptional audio experience with more realistic sound and clear dialogue. With Acoustic Multi-Audio™, sound positioning tweeters on the sides of the TV produce a wider, elevated soundstage, enabling audio to follow the action on screen. An integrated subwoofer delivers powerful bass and rounds out the sound for a truly immersive cinematic feel. And with Dolby Atmos® support and 3D Surround Upscaling, everything you watch gets the true suround sound treatment.

Bring back lost texture and detail, the intelligent way

Bring back lost tecture and detail and see all your HD content upscaled to near-4K resolution with XR 4K Upscaling. See the authentic features of people's faces, identify every blade of grass, and marvelat the precise texture of buildings and scenery.

Bravia XR 4K Upscaling
XR Motion clarity motion smoothing for Sony TVs

Intelligent motion processing for fast-moving, blur-free scenes

Watching sports and action-packed movies just got a whole lot better. XR Motion Clarity™ combats blur and judder by cross analyzing key visual elements and precisely controlling the action in every scene to ensure picture quality stays smooth, bright, and clear.

All your energy-saving settings in one place

With the flexible and configurable Eco Dashboard, energy saving settings can now be centrally managed. You can easily customize energy saving settings for your TV usage, viewing environment, and the content you are watching, all in one place.

Eco Dashboard for environmentally friendly Sony TVs