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Great electronic home entertainment is more than a stack of black boxes and a couple of speakers - and it usually involves a power tool or two to get there. But there's no need to be intimidated when you've got the experts at Mentor TV to help you plan, choose and install the flat-panel, home theater system or whole-house audio system of your dreams!

Flat Panel TV Installed On Wall

Flat Panel Installation

Getting the TV off the floor means a clutter-free entertainment area and ensures a better line of vision for the game. In addition to providing you a better viewing position to watch your favorite shows, some TV mounts offer you versatility and mobility. If you go with a swivel or a tilt wall mount, you can adjust the mount to view the TV from different angles.

Flat Panel Home Theater System

Home Theater Installation

Pop the corn, turn down the lights and round up the family for the ultimate home entertainment experience. Today's latest 4K Ultra HD TV's have the power and performance to turn your living room into a theater ‐ without the lines or the hassle of going out. Add a Blu-ray Player and an audio system and you are there (the popcorn is much cheaper, too). Visit our showroom and we'll show you how to make any night a family movie night.

Outdoor Speakers

Whole House Audio & Outdoor Speakers

Once you've heard your favorite songs on a high performance system, it's pretty hard to go back to a clock a radio in the kitchen or a boombox on the patio. Mentor TV's Custom Installation Team can blend a state-of-the-art audio / video system into your entire home. Speakers can be camouflaged in a wall - or even a ceiling - allowing them to be heard and not seen. A wall-mounted touchscreen or keypad - even your smartphone or iPad - can give you complete control of your music no matter what room you're in.

Home Theater Master Custom Programmed System Remote Control

Custom Programmed System Remotes

If the number of remotes used for your home audio and video system is out of control, a universal remote may be the solution to get organized and gain "control." Consolidate the way you run your home entertainment system with a universal remote by putting everything into one controller. A popular feature showing up on our more advanced universal remotes, are what are called "programmable macro controls." For example, let's say you want to watch Iron Man on Blu-ray ‐ instead of turning on the disc player and switching the television to the proper input, you just press the button that executes the "play DVD" macro. The commands for the television, DVD, home theater receiver and surround sound all are handled by this little universal remote by the touch of a finger.

MX990 Universal remote system
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